How Satellite IoT takes farming to the next level

By Chloé Szulzinger | 22 October 2021

3 min read


Today, agriculture operations have reached new levels thanks to increasing technology and the amount of data available from the field to farmers. But how can they keep monitoring and tracking their assets in remote areas when connectivity is not available? And how can satellite IoT optimise precision farming? 

Farming needs to be precise  

Increasing yield, productivity and crop quality are top priorities for every farmer in a world driven by performance and competitiveness. Farmers must be able to predict their yield even before the first lamb is born or the first seed sprouts.

AgTech, made possible by IoT technology, opens a wide range of applications from smart-crop and livestock monitoring, to drone farming, autonomous-farming machinery or predictive maintenance. Tracking beehives, knowing a silo level, controlling irrigation and soil moisture are some of the direct applications made possible by smart usage of data from the field. According to the American Farm Bureau and Spirent Communications, a tank level monitoring solution for feedstock can help reduce the cost of seed, fertilizer, and pesticides up to 15%, while decreasing water usage by 75%.

Precision farming has become so important in today’s world that analysts expect the market to reach US$32.75B by 2027.

IoT brings you critical information, SatIoT helps you take action

Today, nearly 80% of organisations in the agriculture sector have fully deployed at least one IoT project, up from 22% in 2018. Based on research, the main drivers identified for that growth include greater automation, cost efficiency, greater supply chain insight, improved environmental sustainability, and better decision making.

However, data from the field becomes useless if farmers don’t have a reliable way to access it. According to research, 60% of farmers experienced difficulties in deploying IoT precisely because of a lack of connectivity in areas where they wanted to implement it.

IoT services via satellite-based infrastructures, also known as SatIoT, are about solving that problem by extending the connectivity reach from 10% world coverage with terrestrial networks to 100%.

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Astrocast makes SatIoT farming accessible to all 

By tracking, monitoring, and communicating with assets anywhere, SatIoT is the best solution to keep remote assets close to headquarters. Astrocast brings the best of terrestrial and satellite networks by making SatIoT services affordable to everyone.

If you are one of these farmers or agricultural organisations, you can now remotely track the health of your herds and fields, giving you the insight you need to better plan and manage your operations. Picture a world where you can perform virtual check-ups throughout the day, receive just the critical metrics you need from the field, at a price point that makes sense.

Out of each ear tag, you can check the temperature, the whereabouts, identify which animals are close together, or know when it is time for calving. Knowing these precious parameters can also help you eradicate diseases by removing only the infected animals.

More than that, thanks to Astrocast’s bidirectionality feature, you can send a command back to your silos to release food, open far gates or turn on and off irrigation systems.

Astrocast is a game changer for AgTech, and proud to contribute towards two of the UN’s and ESA’s Sustainable Development Goals: Responsible Consumption and Production (Goal 12), as well as enhancing Life on Land (Goal 15).

Join the Astropreneur program to get first-hand experience with Astrocast and learn how SatIoT can extend your precision farming strategy.

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