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Astrocast is developing a global nanosatellite constellation and low-power modules to ubiquitously connect efficiently and at ultra-low-cost, millions of IoT devices in remote, rural and maritime areas.

The demand for IoT is exploding all over the world, but current satellite solutions do not properly address IoT needs over 90% of the world’s surface which is not covered by traditional cellular technologies. Potential for IoT in these low-density areas is very significant with 30 million connections expected by 2025.

Astrocast has already 10 satellites up and running in space, ahead of all its direct competitors, and first commercial revenues are expected this year. Thanks to industrial partnerships with Airbus, CEA/LETI, the European Space Agency (ESA) and Tier 1 satellite operator Thuraya, Astrocast is able to provide an infrastructure that is optimized for IoT like no other in terms of both cost, availability, form factor and power consumption.

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100 satelites in orbit by 2024

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Taking IoT further

With a clear technological agenda and go-to-market strategy, Astrocast is uniquely positioned to deliver the first dedicated IoT nanosatellite constellation and take a significant market share.
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Investor Webinar, Finsavisen 22 September 2021

Space has no limit

New Space has opened possibilities of connecting the world like never before. Following Astrocast’s successful listing on the Euronext Growth market in Oslo on August 25th, 2021, Astrocast organised together with Finsavisen an investor webinar on September 22 titled “Space has no limit”. Listen to Fabien Jordan, Astrocast CEO, Odd Roger Enoksen, Andøya Space CEO, Jan Eyvin Wang, Wilhelmsen group director, and Kjell Karlsen, Astrocast CFO, to discover the endless possibilities that space has to offer.

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