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Filling in the gaps in fleet management

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Reliable connection thanks to acknowledged messages from and to your IoT assets.


Compact system size and affordable data plans enable a cost-effective global communication service.


Optimized hardware, communication protocol and network for low energy operation and longest battery life.


Satellite IoT for Land Transport

What happens to your vehicles when there is no internet connection? Astrocast helps you monitor your assets and send them updates, even where there is no connectivity. Astrocast fills in the gaps so you can manage your fleet.

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Land Transport use cases


Asset Tracking

Cargo logistics


Asset Tracking

Tank monitoring



Tanker tracing



Vehicle diagnostic

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Fuel management



Dispatch optimisation

Take your IoT strategy further

Do you want to scale up your IoT operations?

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Get started with Astrocast's Satellite IoT service

Whether you are a small company looking at testing our technology or a big enterprise deploying thousands of devices; this is how you get started with the Astrocast’s Satellite IoT service from testing to industrialisation


Get your Satellite IoT modules

Acquire our Astronode S or Astronode S+ first. For small volumes, we recommend ordering through an authorised reseller. For big volumes, you can contact our sales team.


Choose your Astropreneur Program

We have three Astropreneur programs with different support data service levels to access our network. Choose the program that covers your needs best.


Design & Prototype

Start testing the Astrocast solution and get to develop your prototype with the support of our engineers or recurring to our comprehensive online documentation.


Enter into service

Once your device is all set and running, enter into a service agreement where you will benefit from a dynamic pricing model, where the most cost-effective pricing model will always apply.


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Integrating Satellite IoT to transform Supply Chain Visibility

Real-time tracking solutions across the supply chain can not only provide 24×7 support and remediation for customers, reducing wastage and improving integrity but also transform efficiency through optimisation. With in-depth, trusted information about the entire supply chain ecosystem, shipping lines can factor in changing fuel costs and shortages of unloading staff at ports in real time to reallocate containers.

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Partner Product

ArrowTrack SAT, a hybrid device for remote real-time monitoring

Our partner ArrowSpot Systems has leveraged the Astrocast IoT Network using low-cost, low-power, secured, direct-to-satellite connectivity to develop the ArrowTrack SAT device. Meeting the highest standards of the worldwide transportation industry, ArrowTrack SAT gives real-time monitoring everywhere for containers, trailers, chassis, and heavy equipment.


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