How do I communicate with my asset?

You can communicate with your asset via our API or online portal. This also allows you to retrieve messages from your assets.

How do I access my data?

You can access your data via our secure online portal or API.

What kind of messages can I send and receive, and how do I communicate with my asset?

You can send two kinds of messages through our network.

Asset-originated. These messages are sent by your assets to our Data Management Platform. They have a maximum size of 160 bytes (user-generated payload)

Asset-terminated. These messages are primarily used to transmit command messages to your assets. They have a maximal size of 32 bytes (user-generated payload).

Where is my data stored?

Astrocast gathers and stores all the data generated by connected assets in its secure data management platform.

What is the end to end latency of the data sent from the Astronode S

<15 min with full constellation

How much data can I send with the Astronode S?

This is directly related to the network service level please refer to our technology page for more information

What is the price of the Astronode S?

The Astronode S is 2-3 times cheaper than conventional bidirectional satellite IoT modules, please contact us for specific pricing.

How does the Astronode S manage it’s RF communication?

The Astronode S features RF via it’s SMT solder pins, Astrocast will ensure that compact low-cost L-band patch antennas are available. Astrocast will provide detailed documentation to advise on antenna integration.

What’s in the box?

The Astronode DevKit’s box contains:

  • Astronode Satellite Board
  • Astronode Wi-Fi Board
  • Water-resistant enclosure compatible with both boards
  • Cables
  • QuickStart guide