Astronode DevKit

Everything you need to develop a solution with the Astrocast IoT network.

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Ready to connect

The DevKit gives you end-to-end connectivity with Astrocast's nanosatellite IoT network in less than 20 min.

Everything you need

Hardware, documentation, libraries, GUI and access to the Astrocast portal to proof your connectivity.

Fast time to market

Helps you keep development time and effort to a minimum for your application integrating an Astronode S.

IoT connectivity in four simple steps

Set up the DevKit to communicate with Astrocast’s nanosatellite network in less than 20 min.



Test the Astrocast satellite communication service from a computer in less than 20 min.


Proof of concept

Connect your own device to the satellite DevKit to validate the satellite IoT integration with your system.


Design & Prototype

Develop firmware and software with the Wi-Fi DevKit while designing your own hardware integration.


Entry into service

Use the DevKit to validate data communication on your end-to-end satellite network integration.

Unboxing the Astronode DevKit

The Astronode DevKit has the Astronode S architecture at its core, enabling you to quickly do a proof of concept or connect your assets to the Astrocast nanosatellite network. With the Astronode DevKit, you can easily connect and test our network from any computer. The box contains:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Satellite DevKit Board in IP68 housing and connected
  • USB to RS232 cable
  • Wi-Fi DevKit Board
  • USB to UART cable

Download Astronode Devkit brief

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Data included 60kB/device

No activation fee, no hidden fee.

Automated billing system applies the most cost-effective plan for your devices.

Take your IoT strategy further

Do you want to scale up your IoT operations?

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Astrocast 101

How do you send your 1st message to space? Or how do you send a downlink command to the Astronode S? We got you covered! Welcome to “Astrocast 101”, a series of videos to help you connect your IoT solution to the Astrocast Satellite IoT network and guide you through the Astrocast suite of products and services.

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What is in an Astronode DevKit?

The Astronode DevKit has the Astronode S architecture at its core, enabling you to quickly and securely connect your assets to the Astrocast nanosatellite IoT network. With the Astronode DevKit, you can easily connect and test in less than 20 minutes.

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How can I interact with the Astronode DevKit from my computer?

We provide a graphical user interface with the Astronode DevKit (Windows desktop application) and scripts for use with Mac and Linux.

What do I need the Wi-Fi DevKit Board for?

The Wi-Fi DevKit Board allows for accelerated testing thanks to a simulated satellite link, for instance in a typical indoor lab environment without free view to the sky. Find out more on the Astrocast 101 video “Simulate the satellite network“.

Can I install the Astronode DevKit outside?

Our DevKit features a weather-sealed plastic housing (IP67), enabling testing outside under real conditions.

Where can I find all technical information and documentation about the Astronode DevKit?

For more information, please visit our Astrocast Documentation Platform.

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