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A direct-to-satellite IoT communication service to scale-up your remote operations around the globe

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Reliable connection thanks to acknowledged messages from and to your IoT assets.


Compact system size and affordable data plans enable a cost-effective global communication service.


Optimized hardware, communication protocol and network for low energy operation and longest battery life.


The Astronode S technology embeds an optimized communication protocol, paired up with the Astronode patch antenna for direct-to-satellite communication with our constellation. The Astronode S technology allows customers to connect and communicate with all of their assets in remote areas not covered by terrestrial networks.

Meet the Astronode S


The Astrocast API allows customers to manage their Astronode S modules and devices, retrieve messages received from their assets, and send commands back, through a secure REST API built on standard JSON messages. Customers control access and permissions to their devices and data through access tokens.



The Astrocast Portal allows customers to manage their Astronode S modules and devices through a user-friendly web application. Customers can retrieve messages received from their assets and send commands back around the globe, access their account and data and grant additional access and permissions to other users.

How it works

Advanced data protocol and secure data management, end-to-end encryption, 256-bit key.

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Astrocast Technology
Astrocast Technology

Get started with Astrocast's Satellite IoT service

Whether you are a small company looking at testing our technology or a big enterprise deploying thousands of devices; this is how you get started with the Astrocast’s Satellite IoT service from testing to industrialisation


Get your Satellite IoT modules

Acquire our Astronode S or Astronode S+ first. For small volumes, we recommend ordering through an authorised reseller. For big volumes, you can contact our sales team.


Choose your Astropreneur Program

We have three Astropreneur programs with different support data service levels to access our network. Choose the program that covers your needs best.


Design & Prototype

Start testing the Astrocast solution and get to develop your prototype with the support of our engineers or recurring to our comprehensive online documentation.


Enter into service

Once your device is all set and running, enter into a service agreement where you will benefit from a dynamic pricing model, where the most cost-effective pricing model will always apply.

Take your IoT strategy further

Do you want to scale up your IoT operations?

Join the program that fits your needs best; four flexible programs to assess the Astrocast Satellite IoT service and develop your IoT solution

Check our Astropreneur Programs

How to choose your Satellite IoT provider?

Satellite IoT enables asset tracking and monitoring anywhere, regardless of blind spots without cellular coverage. Opening 85% of the planet to connectivity, SatIoT unlocks the industrial IoT market. Whether you need to keep track of vehicles, pipelines, livestock, crops, or containers, how do you choose your SatIoT provider accordingly? Here are the 5 things to take into consideration if you want to take your IoT business to the next level.

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Industry recognition


How do the Astrocast Satellite IoT data plans work?

We offer a combination of standard plans, adapted to an expected volume of data transmission by modules that are in operation. No fee is applied for switching between the plans, allowing users to control their spending more easily.

Astrocast offers minimum contract lengths that vary between three to five years, to cover long-term operations with no activation fees for the modules accessing our network. For more information reach out to us via our contact form

How can I send downlink commands to my assets?

Downlink commands can be sent to your assets manually in the Astrocast portal, or via the API. Find out more on the Astrocast 101 video “Send a downlink command to the Astronode S“.

Are my messages and data secure?

Astrocast’s network was built with sensitive industries and customers in mind. Our system features secure end-to-end 256-Bit encryption with unique device keys and authenticated access. Visit our Security page to find out more about our state-of-the-art secure protocol to keep your devices and transmissions secure.

Does my asset know if the sent data was received successfully?

Yes, all messages are acknowledged to the sender by the satellite upon reception. If a message is not acknowledged, the Astronode S will resend it on the next satellite contact.

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