The Nanosatellite IoT Network

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Astrocast Features

Our constellation of nanosatellites can be used to connect machines. Its novel features promise to change the way you manage your fleets of remote objects.

Thanks to its polar orbits, our network of nanosatellites covers and scans the entire surface of the earth. Wherever your assets are, a view of the sky is enough to stay connected.


Whatever the size and growth of your fleet, our constellation and infrastructure is designed to scale accordingly.


Start by building your prototype with our hardware development kit. Manufacture it at scale by integrating the terminal directly into your product (designed to be incorporated into an OEM solution).


With our platform, connect, manage and track your remote assets. Easily integrate them into your Information System with REST web services.

How it works?

Astrocast is a constellation of nanosatellites dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine communication (M2M). Whatever and wherever your assets are, it is now affordable to connect them to your Information System.


After integration of the Astronode terminal, your assets can reliably and securely send any kind of sensor data to the constellation of nanosatellites that will acknowledge the reception. Astrocast enables transmission of 1KB/day from any region on the earth.


The satellites are orbiting in a low earth polar orbit. This allows the creation of a global network covering the entire globe, including the poles. Thanks to a dedicated frequency band, the constellation can scale without fear of noise generated by other devices.

Ground Station

A geographically distributed network of ground stations collects the data gathered by the satellites. The data are then uploaded to a cloud, only one step away to your information system.


Our cloud system provides REST APIs allowing you to easily integrate and monitor your fleet of remote assets into your own information system.


Keep control of your assets and manage your data subscription plan thanks to our unique web application.