Expanding IoT deployments with cost-effective Satellite IoT

4 April 2024

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Recent advances in technology have enabled IoT deployments to expand significantly, with ease, and at scale. Integrators and end-users across a range of sectors are exploring blended communications solutions, from cellular to LPWAN, including Sigfox, LoRaWan, to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, to meet an array of business needs. Yet these connectivity solutions still provide coverage for only 15% of the world. From agriculture to asset tracking, there is a powerful demand for a truly global IoT solution.

The addition of satellite connectivity here creates a complete, blended solution to support any IoT deployment and deliver fully global coverage. However, the perceived cost, complexity, and lack of maturity of the satellite solution providers have, until recently, deterred this vital next step. The belief held by many integrators and businesses that satellite is inaccessible, complicated, and expensive is reinforced by the traditional satellite solutions which are not designed for IoT, using unnecessary high bandwidth at a cost that is not affordable for the majority of IoT use cases. 

But this perception is no longer valid. The latest generation of affordable Satellite IoT (SatIoT) solutions is transforming the business case, allowing integrators to embed satellite within a blended IoT connectivity solution. Organisations can now work with the new wave of connectivity providers, that make SatIoT more accessible than ever before, meeting huge pent-up demand for IoT solutions that are both global and portable.

Our partnership with Soracom

Clearly, this is a compelling market but integrators, and organisations alike, reading these lines may be wondering. How easy it is to embed SatIoT into existing solutions? And what are the essential components required to achieve both a powerful client offering and a successful deployment?

Our partner Soracom, a company providing global IoT network cellular connectivity to over 20,000 customers around the world, evaluated several key aspects before partnering with Astrocast.

  • Global coverage: From truly remote locations to goods in transit, SatIoT needs to deliver global connectivity that complements the existing cellular network options, in a world where terrestrial and satellite IoT meet.
  • Affordability: IoT operations are incredibly cost-sensitive. Whether looking to deploy ten devices or hundreds of thousands of devices, seemingly minor differences in performance and lifetime will fundamentally change the return on investment (ROI). Astrocast’s pricing model allows customers to take advantage of the most cost-effective SatIoT data plans and technology for their IoT applications and operations with ease.

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  • Power consumption: The efficiency of power consumption has a direct impact on device battery life. With devices typically located in remote and inaccessible locations, making replacement or repair impractical and unaffordable, it is crucial to maximise battery life. Our low-power SatIoT solution radically extends the life of a device – with batteries typically lasting between five and ten years.
  • Bidirectional communication: Two-way communication is essential both to underpin innovative IoT applications and enable changes to the way the device operates. For example, a business can send a short message to change a device’s operating parameters – reducing the number of times each day a temperature recording is taken, from once an hour to just twice a day, would reduce power consumption, and extend battery life further. The importance of SatIoT bidirectional communication to control remote assets is critical.

The addition of Astrocast SatIoT connectivity to the Soracom IoT solution provides integrators and end customers with the additional piece of the puzzle to extend IoT deployments effectively around the world. Organisations can access Astrocast SatIoT by subscribing to the Soracom platform, taking advantage of the seamless, secure integration to a choice of cloud services and deriving more value from their IoT investment.

Working with partners to expand IoT deployments with cost-effective Satellite IoT

With an affordable and accessible IoT platform, Soracom’s addition of Astrocast SatIoT will transform the ease with which integrators and businesses can explore the power of SatIoT. We look forward to building on our partnership with Soracom to accelerate innovation by combining our insight and knowledge of IoT, with the expertise of individuals on the ground, developing and using IoT.

Download the white paper “Expanding IoT Deployments with Cost-Effective Satellite IoT” to find out more about our partnership with Soracom and the value of a blended IoT solution including SatIoT to unlock the next wave of IoT innovation.