How is Astrocast disrupting Satellite IoT services?

24 February 2022

4 min read


Removing Barriers to Innovation and Delivering Truly Global IoT

It is time for IoT to go beyond the local and urban models we see today. IoT solutions are available via terrestrial networks but only across less than 15% of the world. Simultaneously, traditional satellite services are prohibitively expensive, especially when deploying hundreds of thousands of assets globally. It directly impacts who and where IoT solutions can be developed and deployed to. IoT should be accessible to all. It is essential for innovation.

There is an opportunity to create new efficiencies, promote health & safety, and build IoT solutions across multiple industries. These include marine, mining, oil & gas, logistics, agriculture, and utilities. These industries are moving too fast to ignore one of the most disruptive IoT technologies available on the current market.

Organisations need to recognize the potential of Satellite IoT to maintain a competitive advantage in almost every industry. If they don’t, they’ll be challenged to deliver IoT solutions efficiently and seamlessly across a global footprint with little lead time. Organisations need to be able to apply successful IoT solutions anywhere they want and deliver digital transformation rapidly.

Astrocast is on a mission to ensure that the potential of IoT is evenly distributed. Industry 4.0 should be accessible, no matter where you operate. We have moved into its full production phase, and we’ve launched new products with pricing that will accelerate innovation in IoT.

Our products are about giving customers new capabilities and support wherever they are on their IoT journeys.

Innovation in Integration

Astronode S is our flagship product, offering bidirectional communication for those who simply want to connect to Astrocast’s network. Its L-band spectrum works with the underlying technology to reduce energy consumption, operate in all weather conditions and work alongside GPS modules.

We’ve launched the Astronode S+ to reduce overall time to market and increase cost-efficiency, which combines our core module Astronode S, the Astronode Patch Antenna and a rapid installation and cabling.

Astronode S+, a certified industrial satellite communication device, ready to install and connect.

Astronode S+ offers a plug-and-play solution that enables customers to move faster to connect and grow their IoT assets. We recognized that some of our customers need a plug-and-play solution which includes:

Just like the Astronode S, the Astronode S+ has achieved both CE and FCC certification. Astronode S+ is small, efficient, and delivers new agility in IoT.

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Expert Support for Developers 

At the same time, we’ve been evolving our Astronode Devkit, with our latest release delivering an even simpler experience.

Astronode DevKit 1.1 is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that enables developers to evaluate opportunities, create a proof of concept, design and prototype, then take a service live.

The latest release continues to refine and accelerate the process of going from idea to innovation, with all the hardware, documentation, libraries, GUI and access to the Astrocast portal necessary to launch a new application.

Astronode DevKit, everything you need to develop a solution with the Astrocast IoT network.

The Astronode DevKit 1.1 is putting powerful capabilities in the hands of developers and empowering them to build the solutions of the future. We have built a comprehensive set of Astrocast documentation for developers for more information.

Disruptive Pricing

Astrocast’s Satellite IoT pricing per module is 50 to 75% less than conventional satellite solutions, enabling you to scale up IoT solutions quickly and achieve rapid return on investment (ROI). For large quantities of assets, the per-unit pricing goes down even further as volumes go up.

As we reduce costs, we aren’t compromising on sustainability. Astrocast is committed to the Satellite IoT market and aims to minimize negative impacts on the planet. As our satellite constellation grows, we continue to ensure we leave no debris in space. We have followed strict pre-launch safety checks, smart monitoring of other satellite constellations and maintained propulsion capabilities to enable us to de-orbit all assets. As we grow, we’re building for the future.

Taking IoT Assets further with Astrocast

If you’d like to learn more about how to take your IoT strategy further and how Astrocast’s flexible SatIoT service is delivering innovation in IoT, check our Astropreneur Programs.