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Astrocast is the most advanced global nanosatellite IoT network. Our 100 nanosatellite constellation will be complete by 2024, spanning the globe and allowing for low latency transmission. In addition, our satellites are equipped with propulsion and deorbiting giving us greater control of the entire network and the ability to avoid unlikely collisions with space debris. With extra capacity and redundancy of critical components, each of our satellites has a controlled lifetime of up to 5 years. All of this combines to give our customers the highest performance, greatest coverage, and the highest reliability from anywhere in the world.


  • State-of-the-art nanosatellites, 5kg class, Swiss made ​
  • LEO, sun-synchronous and equatorial orbits
  • Redundancy of critical satellite components​
  • Extra capacity in orbit, guaranteeing service reliability​
  • Propulsion and deorbiting capabilities to avoid debris in space ​
  • Controlled lifetime of 3-5 years to keep the best performance in orbit​ and allow new features to be added to the network​


  • Proprietary low-power L-band chipset
  • Chip is integrated into the Astronode S module
  • Ease of integration (solder-down)​
  • Fully optimized for direct-to-satellite IoT applications
  • Can be used with different antennas, depending on application​s
Meet the Astronode S


  • Optimized for LEO satellites network​
  • Bidirectional​ communication enabling acknowledgments, asset commands, deployment of security patches and software updates
  • Unicast/multicast capabilities​, one-to-one connection versus one-to-many​


  • L-band is the radio spectrum from 1 to 2 gigahertz (GHz)​, it is the most efficient spectrum for satellite M2M/IoT.
  • L-band radios have superior performance characteristics for IoT such as​ smaller antenna​, lower-cost RF components​, better propagation (no rain fade, lower power requirements)​, and fewer interference risks than other bands
  • Astrocast is the only NewSpace IoT LEO network with access to L-band spectrum.
  • Long-term access to spectrum is guaranteed


  • Bidirectional communication​
  • Low latency with full constellation (<15 min)
  • Over-the-air updates (OTAs)​
  • Multilevel AES 256-bit encryption
  • Azure compliant API (pull mode) for easy integration​
  • Customer Web Portal with data access​
  • Near real-time usage reporting ​
  • Pro-active support and monthly reporting

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