Enhanced livestock tracking and management with Satellite IoT

Within remote farming environments there is often little or no terrestrial network connectivity, and farmers across the globe need a reliable and financially viable tracking solution regardless the volume of animals they need to monitor.

Digitanimal, a leading smart solutions developer in livestock tracking devices and solutions, is integrating Astrocast’s low-powered, cost-effective Satellite IoT into their livestock tracking solutions to develop an IoT solution for farmers willing to adopt Agriculture 4.0 farming practices anywhere in the world.

Thanks to Astrocast’s global satellite IoT network, Digitanimal will offer an unrivaled and affordable Satellite IoT-based collar tracking device that will enable farmers to track livestock remotely and help them better manage their herds.

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Astrocast Agriculture & Livestock

Tracking crops and cattle from afar

Satellite IoT for Agriculture & Livestock

Whether it’s a remote apple grove or 5,000 heads of cattle, these are your most precious assets. And these assets are fragile and need constant monitoring of their health, environment, and even the infrastructure that supports them. Astrocast can send you the right information you need from out in the field.

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Astrocast and Digitanimal partner to enhance remote livestock management

Astrocast and Digitanimal, a leading smart solutions developer in livestock tracking devices and solutions, announced a strategic partnership to develop a Satellite IoT (SatIoT) solution. Both companies are collaborating to commercialise an unrivalled tracking device that connects to Astrocast’s global satellite network and enables greater control of livestock remotely.

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Astrocast is the most comprehensive Satellite IoT Service available in the market


Reliable connection thanks to acknowledged messages from and to your IoT assets.


Compact system size and affordable data plans enable a cost-effective global communication service.


Optimized hardware, communication protocol and network for low energy operation and longest battery life.

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