From The Ground Up: The Astrocast Difference

By Chloé Szulzinger | 15 July 2021

3 min read


Because wireless connectivity is so uneven, asset tracking and monitoring in remote areas is probably your biggest challenge. What if you could use low-cost Satellite IoT communications?

Astrocast solves the IoT blind spot

Business is global. Connectivity is not. Within the 5 billion smart devices expected by 2025, a growing part must be connected by satellite. Because cellular connectivity covers only 10% of the planet, Satellite IoT (SatIoT) creates the market potential for the remaining 90%.

Therefore, through its extensive nanosatellite constellation, Astrocast gives the world a cost-effective way to track, monitor, measure and communicate with assets anywhere on Earth. This opens a whole range of IoT opportunities from measuring pipeline flows, to tracking migrations, exploring new regions, or monitoring the delivery of food, water, and vaccines to remote villages. At last, you can fill the gaps in your asset tracking. To take IoT further you need Astrocast.  

Double your monitoring without tripling the cost

Thanks to its combination of IoT features and New Space technologies, Astrocast offers the most cost-effective and comprehensive service on the market. SatIoT is finally affordable and available to everyone. Whether you are looking for environmental, maritime, logistics, or agricultural applications, you need the smallest module, specifically designed for sensor data.

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Meet the Astronode S, a cutting-edge terminal featuring exclusive access to L-Band frequency for global, bidirectional communications, with low power consumption and low latency. Besides, Astrocast’s direct-to-orbit service makes tracking moving assets a breeze, and with the broad ground terminal network and fully customizable communications, you get the SatIoT experience that you need.  

The Astronode S, a compact surface mount module for highly integrated, battery powered IoT systems.

Ready to unlock the power of your IoT assets?

With easy implementation and testing in under 24 hours, Astrocast seamlessly integrates with existing analytics, AI, or machine learning solutions and backs up any IoT infrastructure. Moreover, it guarantees instant backups and provides a complete customer portal and API.

Above all, through its complete SatIoT service from asset to headquarters, Astrocast allows you to collect new data from your sensors and unlock new markets. Trusted partnerships with key players including the European Space Agency, Airbus, and Thuraya make Astrocast one of the pioneers and most advanced companies tackling the issue of low-cost global connectivity for the industrial IoT.

From device makers to end-users, the game-changing expansion of the market is here. Be part of the IoT transformation journey and join our Astropreneur Programs today.