Taking IoT Further with Satellite IoT Connectivity

By Erica Hooper Lee | 18 March 2021

2 min read


As companies prepare for expanded IoT, satellite IoT (SatIoT) brings flexibility, performance, and cost effectiveness to any IoT strategy. For decades, companies have turned to IoT to deliver the critical asset tracking and monitoring data. Whether from a shipping container, plant, vehicle, farm, or mining site, this data is the key to making smart decisions. Sensors in any asset give new insight into activities, location, and status. Data analytics, machine learning, and AI have turned this new insight into actionable information. Today companies leverage their IoT investments for everything from predicting trends to developing new products and reaching new customers and markets.

However, until recently, asset monitoring has been hindered by proximity to the nearest cell tower. Today, only 10% of the world is connected. This leaves blind spots when tracking the movement of assets. Today’s IoT networks struggle to fill in the gaps of an asset’s journey. Large satellites can track objects in some remote regions. However, deploying thousands of sensors quickly becomes cost prohibitive.

Is satellite-connected asset tracking right for your IoT strategy?

Removing the blind spots in IoT unlocks new areas for discovery and development. Companies need ways to make their IoT strategies go further, both in scope and reach. Low earth orbit (LEO) nanosatellites can deliver a unique solution designed with the challenges of IoT in mind.

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Astrocast is uniquely designed to take capture your remote assets wherever they are and brings together the best of satellite IoT:

  • Cost effectively expand IoT strategies.
  • Fill the gaps in asset tracking.
  • Securely track, monitor, and manage assets in remote regions.
  • Send bidirectional updates and commands to devices from headquarters.
  • Backup existing IoT infrastructure.
  • Unlock new markets.
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing analytics, AI, or machine learning solutions.

Taking IoT Assets further with Astrocast 

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