Astropreneur Program

A fully flexible program to assess the Astrocast Satellite service and develop your IoT solution


Reliable connection thanks to acknowledged messages from and to your IoT assets.


Compact system size and affordable data plans enable a cost-effective global communication service.


Optimized hardware, communication protocol and network for low energy operation and longest battery life.

What sets Astrocast apart?

Astrocast is the most advanced global nanosatellite IoT network to tackle challenges of scalling up operations remotely in industries such as Agriculture & Livestock, Environmental & Utilities, Land Transport, Freight & Storage, and Mining, Oil, & Gas. The Astrocast network enables you to monitor, track, assess, and communicate with critical remote assets from anywhere in the world.

What does the Astropreneur Program include?


Astronode DevKit

The Astronode DevKit has the Astronode S architecture at its core, enabling you to quickly and securely connect your assets to the Astrocast nanosatellite IoT network. With the Astronode DevKit, you can easily connect and test in less than 24 hours.

Meet the Astronode Devkit

Astronode S, a solder-down, bidirectional, low-power module

The Astronode S has the lowest peak power consumption available in the market. It operates in the L-Band frequency range, allowing for the use of miniaturized antennas that reliably work in all weather conditions.

Meet the Astronode S

Assigned technical and engineering support

Develop the applications and protocols required to communicate with your assets. You can benefit from technical support and our in-house experts to collaborate with your team to design, build, innovate and fully customize your satellite IoT solution.

Easy integration of your data and management of your devices through a web portal and standard REST API

An Azure compliant API Customer Web Portal. Easy integration with data access to near real-time usage monitoring, proactive support, and monthly reporting.

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How to choose your Satellite IoT provider?

Satellite IoT enables asset tracking and monitoring anywhere, regardless of blind spots without cellular coverage. Opening 90% of the planet to connectivity, SatIoT unlocks the industrial IoT market. Whether you need to keep track of vehicles, pipelines, livestock, crops, or containers, how do you choose your SatIoT provider accordingly? Here are the 5 things to take into consideration if you want to take your IoT business to the next level.

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Industry recognition


Why should I sign up for a program with Astrocast?

You bring your expertise in IoT asset development, and Astrocast brings the full expertise of its network. Together we can assure your next IoT hardware is a success, by assuring fast time to market, high quality and painless RF integration. For more information check our Astropreneur Programs page and download the programs brochure.

Does the program provide engineering support?

If you sign up for a partner program, you will have access to tailored engineering support by Astrocast. For more information check our Astropreneur Programs page and download the programs brochure.

I have a great SatIoT business idea but no engineering ressources, can Astrocast help here?

Astrocast has a network of engineering consulting companies which know our products and can help you create your SatIoT device. We will be happy to assist you further in your specific needs, please contact us.

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