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What sets Astrocast apart?

Astrocast is the most advanced global nanosatellite IoT network to tackle challenges in industries such as Agriculture & Livestock, Oil, Gas & Mining, Maritime, Environmental, Connected Vehicles, and IoT Devices. The Astrocast network enables you to monitor, track, assess, and communicate with critical remote assets from anywhere in the world.

What does the Astropreneur Program include?

Astronode DevKit

The Astronode DevKit has the Astronode S architecture at its core, enabling you to quickly and securely connect your assets to the Astrocast nanosatellite IoT network. With the Astronode DevKit, you can easily connect and test in less than 24 hours.

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Astronode S, a solder-down, bidirectional, low-power module

The Astronode S has the lowest peak power consumption available in the market. It operates in the L-Band frequency range, allowing for the use of miniaturized antennas that reliably work in all weather conditions.

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Assigned technical and engineering support

Develop the applications and protocols required to communicate with your assets. You can benefit from technical support and our in-house experts to collaborate with your team to design, build, innovate and fully customize your satellite IoT solution.

Fully secured, end-to-end, encrypted monitoring of your assets

An Azure compliant API Customer Web Portal. Easy integration with data access to near real-time usage monitoring, proactive support, and monthly reporting.

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How to choose your Satellite IoT provider?

Satellite IoT enables asset tracking and monitoring anywhere, regardless of blind spots without cellular coverage. Opening 90% of the planet to connectivity, SatIoT unlocks the industrial IoT market. Whether you need to keep track of vehicles, pipelines, livestock, crops, or containers, how do you choose your SatIoT provider accordingly? Here are the 5 things to take into consideration if you want to take your IoT business to the next level.

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They trust us


"Airbus selected Astrocast as a strategic partner to co-develop and deploy a unique data protocol optimized for global satellite IoT communications and we are very excited about the results of this collaboration"

François Gaullier, SVP Telecommunications Systems, Airbus Defense and Space

Yahsat entered into a major cooperation agreement with Astrocast, an IoT satellite operator in 2019. This projects the company’s potential leadership and early mover advantage in IoT

Masood Mahmood, CEO, Yahsat

"Our onboard telematics equipment is designed to support some of the toughest work in the most remote areas of the world. Agriculture, construction, and transportation companies are among the many companies relying on us to keep vehicles connected."

Philippe Cabon, CTO, Actia

"Thuraya is proud of being one of Astrocast's main strategic partners, along with ESA and Airbus. We are committed to continuing to work closely with Astrocast to support this highly secure and reliable satellite IoT communication network."

Jassem Nasser, CSO, Thuraya

"We have developed a close relationship with Astrocast, having been deeply involved in their pilot program. Astrocast's low-cost, low-power terminal, with its competitive data plan pricing is very attractive for the maritime industry."

Francisco Pino, Co-Owner, Marine Instruments

The humans behind the mission

78 members from 29 nationalities working towards a single mission

Building and operating the most advanced and sustainable satellite IoT network.

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