Astrocast and the Access to Water Foundation sign a partnership

14 December 2021


Astrocast and the Access to Water Foundation have joined forces to provide a sustainable solution for access to drinking water in rural areas under increasing water stress. The partnership aims to deliver free access to drinking water to more than 80’000 people in Senegal by the end of 2022.

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – December 14, 2021 – Astrocast and the Access to Water Foundation announced their collaboration today. Aiming to have both parties working together to connect 150 water points in 2022 in Senegal. The stations, developed with the support of Bank Lombard Odier & Co Ltd, will be mainly located around schools and health points.

The United Nations classifies Senegal as a water-poor country with less than 1,000 m3 per capita, while countries like the USA have almost 10,000 m3. About 20% of its population does not have access to clean water. The installation of these water points in strategic areas of Senegal will provide the opportunity to almost 5% of the Senegalese population to get drinkable water.

“Using Astrocast’s IoT connectivity solution, the Access to Water Foundation can deploy its water treatment points anywhere and contributes to the effective fight against diseases related to dirty or polluted water, including in remote and rural areas not covered by local telecom network.”

Renaud de Watteville, Director of the Access to Water Foundation

The water machines come with a set of filters including ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. The Astronode S integration will allow remote monitoring deriving in a significant maintenance cost reduction. The data will also help to evaluate the impact of the project day after day.

“We are excited about this collaboration and the opportunity it represents for us to contribute to improving people’s lives by leveraging our technology.”

Gildas Seimbille, Customer Success Manager at Astrocast

The machines will be presented during the World Water Forum in Dakar in March 2022, and their installation is planned to start in April 2022.

About Astrocast 

Founded in 2014, Astrocast SA is a listed company that delivers the most advanced SatIoT Service for customers looking to track, monitor, manage, and communicate with assets in remote regions of the world. Astrocast delivers a complete end-to-end, direct-to-satellite connectivity, state-of-the-art communication modules, and enterprise-class services with the world’s most innovative nanosatellite network. In partnership with Airbus, CEA/LETI, the European Space Agency, and Thuraya, Astrocast has developed Astronode S, a cutting-edge module featuring low profile L-band antenna, ultra-low power consumption, and a small form factor. For more information on how you can go further with Astrocast, visit

About the Access to Water Foundation

Access To Water is a foundation under Swiss law, recognized as a public utility, active in access to drinking water, health, education, and job creation in regions suffering from water stress. Since 2012, its projects have distributed more than 150 million liters of drinking water in rural areas of Senegal, where water is scarce, fluoridated, polluted, and often salty. Today, Access to Water is working on two axes: an effective water purification program in Senegal in partnership with the bank Lombard Odier and innovative, low-cost, and eco-responsible technical solutions in collaboration with the EPFL. For more information, visit