Harness the Power of Satellite IoT with Astrocast: A Step-by-Step Guide to Testing Astrocast Technology

26 January 2024

4 min read

Getting started:

In the rapidly evolving landscape of IoT connectivity, Astrocast stands out with its revolutionary Satellite IoT network, providing a reliable and scalable solution for businesses looking to explore the vast possibilities of space-based connectivity. To facilitate an easy and seamless testing experience, Astrocast makes a set of programs and resources available; integrating satellite connectivity into your devices has never been easier. In this article, we’ll guide you through testing Astrocast and enabling the potential of satellite IoT for your organisation.

Acquiring Astronode Modules:

To begin your journey with Astrocast, the first step is to acquire Astronode modules through an authorised reseller. For large volumes, direct inquiries can be made with Astrocast. These modules serve as the backbone of your satellite IoT connectivity and are crucial for a successful implementation.

Astronode S The Astronode S is a satellite communication module connecting your IoT devices to Astrocast’s network. It enables the monitoring and control of devices with bidirectional satellite communication and up to 10 years of lifetime of a single battery. The module features an SMT castellated pad form factor for trouble-free integration and soldering onto a PCB. Ideal for integration into new or existing devices intended for mass deployment. 

Astronode S

Astronode Patch Antenna: The Astronode Antenna has been specifically engineered to work with the Astronode S and designed for the Astrocast L-band uplink and downlink frequencies around 1,6 GHz. Integrators can use the existing astronode patch antenna that is already homologated with the Aatronode S or use their antenna. 

Astronode Patch Antenna

Astronode S+ -The Astronode S+ is a ready-to-install satellite communication device based on an Astronode S and an Astronode Patch Antenna. It connects to your application via the entire Astronode S digital interface or RS232, both available on the industrial-grade board-to-cable connector—the ideal solution for a solution that does not require high customisation. 

Astronde S+

Choose Your Testing Program:

Astrocast offers four distinct programs tailored to different needs, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can leverage the power of satellite IoT. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Discovery Program Ideal for entrepreneurs and small companies, this program provides hands-on experience with data and documentation. It includes three months of AirTime.
  • Discovery Plus Program: Thinking further, Discovery Plus equips entrepreneurs and developers with a comprehensive testing solution and technical email support. This program includes six months of AirTime.
  • Innovation Program: Tailored for System Integrators and device makers, this program offers data, email, and phone support. It provides everything needed to integrate Satellite IoT into new or existing devices, including six months of AirTime, onboarding calls, technical email support, and technical phone support.
  • Partner program: customised programs are also available for customers with particular needs. 

Access the Customer Portal:

After selecting the testing program that suits your needs, access the Astrocast Customer Portal to create your organisation, activate your devices, and seamlessly manage your satellite IoT connectivity activities. The Astrocast Portal allows customers to manage their Astronode S modules and devices through a user-friendly web application. Customers can retrieve messages received from their assets and send commands back around the globe, access their account and data and grant additional access and permissions to other users.

Network Communication:

Initiate communication with your devices through the Astrocast Network. This step allows you to test the capabilities of the Astrocast technology in a real-world scenario, ensuring that it meets your specific requirements.

Transition to Commercial Implementation:

Once the testing period concludes and you are satisfied with the performance of the Astrocast technology, it’s time to transition to commercial implementation. In this phase, you will deploy your devices significantly, and billing per consumption will apply. 

In a nutshell:

Testing the Astrocast technology with Astrocast opens up possibilities for businesses seeking reliable and efficient satellite IoT connectivity. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small company, or a System Integrator, Astrocast’s testing programs provide the resources and support needed to integrate satellite IoT seamlessly into your operations. Embrace the future of connectivity with Astrocast and experience the limitless potential of space-based communication.