Fabien Jordan Talks SatIoT for Precision Farming

By Erica Hooper Lee | 28 March 2021


On April 8th at the c21 Connected World Series, Fabien Jordan, CEO Astrocast, will be discussing the role of SatIoT in Precision Farming and the control that a bidirectional, direct-to-satellite IoT network can put in the hands of farmers around the world.

Whether it is livestock or agriculture, farming these days can be incredibly unpredictable. From extreme weather patterns, to tracking livestock, or monitoring soil health, larger scale operations need to measure and analyze crops and cattle and all the variables that can impact their health. 

Today, no matter where farming operations are in the world, people are leveraging drones, sensors and IoT devices to manage their far afield assets. From tractors to silos to sprinklers and water troughs, IoT devices used for Precision Farming are changing the way we optimize yields in our fields. And it’s not just our tools. IoT devices can help us monitor the temperature of our animals out on the range or the moisture in the air next to an irrigation ditch. However, large operations rarely have internet connectivity far away from headquarters. And without a way to get the right data when you need it, you can’t leverage all your Agtech when you want to.

SatIoT Pushes Precision Farming Further

When it comes to Precision Farming, SatIoT brings unique opportunities for farm operations that have no internet connectivity. Key metrics in animal or soil health do not require streaming data, they simply require check-ins and the transfer of finite data that can help Farmers make the right decisions, at the right time. Designed specifically for collecting this type of data, SatIoT can deliver the information you need, from anywhere, at price point that makes sense. More importantly, SatIoT lets your cotton or cattle check in and you can send them a message or command right back out into the field, so that those decisions turn into actions.

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