Astrocast’s Team Training

By Fatima Vigil | 12 September 2019

1 min read


As a satellite manufacturer, Astrocast needs to make sure each of its satellite meets the highest quality and reliability standards. To do so, Astrocast is always trying to improve the skills of its team members.

We want all our collaborators that are currently working on the satellites, to be able to perform quality inspections of assembled PCB to verify compliance with the standards. We also wish to the team members performing the assembly and testing of our satellites to be able to rework any electronic board whenever needed.

Some of the team members already have strong expertise in the field of soldering. But we wanted to raise all team members’ skills to the same level. That is why we organize training with the SWI (Swiss Welding Institute) which took place at Technopôle Sainte-Croix.

The training bases on ESCC standards (European Cooperation for Space Standardization, an ESA organization). It takes place over two days, one-day theoretical training (12 September) and the second-day practical training (26 September). A great dinner followed the first day in a charming mountain chalet where other team members also joined.