Astrocast to attend IoT Asia+ 2022

9 March 2022


The APAC IoT event to attend

IoT Asia+ is back online on March 16-17 and determined to make businesses connect, converge, and collaborate. With the convergence of technologies for the design and planning of enhanced products and services, IoT is at the heart of every discussion. This event is willing to ignite business change through the blending of communities and ideas. Guided by industry experts, IoT Asia+ will address the new demands in the IoT ecosystem, focusing on application-driven solutions and encouraging collaboration for real-world business transformation. Conferences will explore the impact on the connected consumer, transport & logistics, energy, and telecommunication sectors.

The asset monitoring challenge

Connected vehicles enable companies to deliver goods further, wider and with more efficiency. In cities, fleets can easily be tracked, but what happens to your vehicles when there is no internet connection? What if it must cross the desert, a far-off mountain path, or a remote valley? Losing track of your vehicle could mean the loss of its cargo. Moreover, when it comes to transportation of any sort, safety is paramount. When did an airbag deploy? Where did a refrigerated truck run out of fuel? What is a rail car’s most recent coordinates? It is critical to have peace of mind that your fleet is safe and driving forward. Only satellite IoT (SatIoT) technologies can provide you with the solutions you need. 


Astrocast brings SatIoT to transport and logistics  

Very much involved in filling the gaps in fleet management, Astrocast is delighted to exhibit as a SatIoT key player of this industry. Cargo logistics, tank monitoring, tanker tracing, vehicle diagnostic, fuel management, or dispatch optimization, Astrocast is your eye in the sky that helps you monitor your assets and send them updates, even where there is no connectivity. Your IoT strategy can go further with Astrocast, and we would love to discuss the possibilities for your business, let’s e-meet at the event! 

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