Astrocast and Telefónica collaborate on IoT

31 August 2021


We are thrilled to announce today that Wayra Germany brings Astrocast and Telefónica together for an IoT product collaboration in its new 5G Tech Lab. Wayra Germany is the open innovation hub of the telecommunications group Telefónica. Their goal is to identify start-ups that can work with Telefónica´s business units, starting with a pilot project.

Astrocast’s module and antenna integrate with Telefónica trackers

Thanks to the Astronode S module and the Astrocast nanosatellite network, this new product will enable direct-to-satellite, bidirectional communications between trackers in the world’s most remote regions and headquarters. Telefónica customers will be able to collect data from and send updates and commands to trackers no matter where they are. The final proof-of-concept is showcased in the 5G Tech Lab today.

Telefónica takes IoT further with Astrocast

Telefónica delivers state-of-the-art IoT equipment and connectivity for both personal and industrial use. With Telefónica sensors, customers can track, secure, optimize and even predict the maintenance needs of the assets they are tracking. From cars to people, Telefónica is enabling companies to create their own IoT journey. By collaborating with Astrocast they can take the journey further, faster.

“The key IoT-use case is to never lose track of your assets. Using Astrocast nanosatellite network, we can extend our trackers’ reachability worldwide in order to enable customers to collect critical data in areas that were not reachable before in an economically reasonable way.”

said Peer Lodbrok, Director MNC Germany & Switzerland of Telefónica Global Solutions