Astrocast L-band Low-Power ASIC chip ready for mass-production

By Fatima Vigil | 4 February 2020

1 min read


After years of development, Astrocast revolutionary L-Band Low-Power ASIC chip is ready for mass production.

This chip is the heart of our Astronode S Satellite terminal for global IoT, delivering unprecedented price-performance ratio.

Astrocast developed its custom ASIC chip in partnership with Airbus and Leti, with testing contributions from the EPFL. This chip will enable a peak power consumption that is 14 times less than the current market-leading IoT satellite terminal.

The power efficiency of our L-Band, low-Power ASIC chip enables ultra-low levels of total power consumption, allowing the user to power their Astrocast terminal of a small battery even for a multiyear operation. This enables system integrators to develop miniaturized, low cost, ultra-low power IoT systems using battery sizes and technologies with small peak current outputs.

enables ultra-low levels of total power consumption