Astrocast at IMC’s Winter IoT Days 2023

9 March 2023

IMC Webinar | IoT Has Taken Over The Supply Chain | March 8 – 9, 2023

The IoT M2M Council’s Winter IoT Days

The IoT M2M Council (IMC) is the largest and fastest-growing IoT/M2M organisation in the world. The IMC is comprised of companies providing solutions from all parts of the global IoT/M2M ecosystem, and it has brought together large-scale connectivity providers, more dedicated network operators, systems integrators, equipment manufacturers, and chipware maker giants. 

As the largest community of qualified IoT adopters, the IMC also organizes its own online events in the form of conferences and webinars, and Astrocast was honored to take part in the “IoT Days Winter – IoT Sourcing and Supply Chain”, a virtual event hosted online on March 8-9, 2023. 

Our CEO, Fabien Jordan, was invited along with other industry experts to participate in the panel session “IoT Has Taken Over the Supply Chain” to learn what IoT technologies will see the broadest possible applications in supply chain management, and how they will help alleviate bottlenecks.

Watch the panel session “IoT Has Taken Over the Supply Chain” to hear about disruptive IoT technology and its application in supply chain management, and how accessible Satellite IoT transforms supply chain visibility.

IMC Winter IoT Days 2023: IoT Sourcing and Supply Chain webinar

Satellite IoT into supply chain solutions 

A resilient supply chain requires 24/7 monitoring but connectivity via terrestrial networks covers only 15% of the planet. Any system integrators exploring the viability of adding SatIoT to existing cellular IoT solutions across supply chains must ensure the deployment model supports rather than undermines the IoT business case. 

How can system integrators radically extend and expand the value of accessible Satellite IoT connectivity integrated into supply chains? Download our free white paper “Integrating Satellite IoT to transform Supply Chain Visibility” to find out more.

To provide an effective, global IoT tracking solution, Astrocast partnered with ArrowSpot to integrate SatIoT technology into their tracking device, ArrowTrack SAT.

ArrowTrack SAT is a hybrid device for remote real-time monitoring

ArrowSpot, enables shipping lines, freight forwarders and cargo owners to remotely track assets in areas where a cellular connection is not available. By integrating Astrocast’s technology into ArrowTrack SAT and connecting to Astrocast’s nanosatellite network, ArrowSpot’s customers will achieve full visibility of their supply chains and fleets – providing them with effective global management of their assets at an affordable price.