Astrocast to exhibit at IAC 2022

By Chloé Szulzinger | 15 July 2022

When: September 18-22, 2022 
Where: Paris Convention Centre, Paris – Meet Astrocast at the Swiss Space Pavilion, booth D3 

The global space event 

Paris hosted the first IAC ever in 1950, then in 1963 and 1982. Back in the capital for five days, The International Astronautical Congress 2022 will take place on 18-22 September at the Paris Convention Center, hosted by the Centre National d’Études Spatiales (CNES), for its 60th birthday. Bringing together space agencies, academic societies, and industrialists, from the largest companies to the newest startups, IAC is a place of meetings and exchanges for leaders, experts, engineers, researchers, students and also the public on a free day.  

Space for @ll  

Behind this theme, Space for @ll, there is a desire to open to all space-related professions, for women and men of all origins. But it also means that space activities are for the benefit of all, both for societal issues – such as education, health, security, the fight against climate change, and the progress of knowledge – and for commercial activities and economic development – such as telecommunications or satellite positioning and navigation. Special attention will be paid to students and young professionals, who will be closely involved through dedicated events. This state of mind is in line with Astrocast’s team spirit.  

Astrocast connects the Earth from Space  

By building and operating the most advanced and sustainable satellite IoT network, Astrocast tracks assets, monitors the environment, and saves lives. Come and meet us at the Swiss pavilion (booth D3) with Swiss Space Switzerland, the new national platform to amplify the voices of the Swiss space ecosystem.

During the “Industry Day” of IAC 2022 on September 19th, Torsten Kriening from Space Watch Global will present a topical session at the Swiss pavilion booth (D3), make sure not to miss Astrocast’s participation at 11:05 am.

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