Astrocast Ground Station Visit

By Fatima Vigil | 9 September 2019

1 min read


On September 4, our CTO Federico Belloni attended KSAT’s tenant meeting in Svalbard. This gathering has the primary purpose of showing the ground station to tenants and discuss the challenges of the industry.


is the most reliable service provider

Location is a significant factor for a nanosatellite telecommunication company’s ground station; this defines the number of passes we can see during the day. Svalbard is a prime spot for this and KSAT is the most reliable service provider of its kind.

This year is the first time Astrocast attends a meeting since it became a tenant in December 2018. It was an excellent experience for our CTO to get together with fellow heads of the field.

Some of the topics that the industry leaders discussed during this three- day visit were: the future ground cloud / integrated data access as well as KSAT development and focus areas.

Panel topics included:

  • Ground Network Architectures for constellations
  • Processing & Storage – Designing Data-Centric architecture
  • High throughput payload data downlinks
  • Fast Growth – First Year on Orbit.

Following all of the above, the attendees had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Arctic. During this visit, our CTO made sure Astrocast continues building a strong relationship with the best service providers.

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