Astrocast carries out a Live Demo Series

By Fatima Vigil | 2 December 2019

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A few weeks ago, Astrocast started a Live Demo Series due to the exponential interest of customers in its global IoT solution. Many companies from very different fields are eager to get access to low-cost and secure bidirectional IoT communications globally. Having these expectations in mind, Astrocast’s team decided to invite each one of them for a live demonstration.

What is a Live Demo?

When customers come to Astrocast’s facilities, they get to visit the labs where we produce and test state-of-the-art nanosatellites. A detailed explanation of the system architecture and a review of different use cases is provided, allowing them to have a good understanding of how the solution works and to get familiar with the hardware and software we provide.

We then proceed with the live demonstration. The visitors get to send their own customized messages through the satellite network in orbit. This is a great way to help our customers picture how they can integrate Astrocast solutions to their applications.

Swisscom Lab and Sensorcope

Swisscom Lab and Sensorscope are two of the latest companies that visited Astrocast for a live demonstration. The Swisscom Digital Lab aims at accelerating digitalization projects for Swisscom Enterprise customers by leveraging new technologies, EPFL’s research capabilities, and agile methodologies.

On its side, Sensorscope is an IT company with a strong know-how in radio communication, hardware/software engineering, and database technologies. They apply cutting-edge data collection technology to wireless monitoring. The company offers solutions to enable wireless data collection while minimizing the cost and effort of setting up a complete monitoring system.

Each customer comes with a different perspective and approach to IoT, helping us to better understand their needs and to correctly adjust the Astrocast solution to their applications. One thing was constant though out the first 12 live demos: our customers are very enthusiastic about Astrocast’s disruptive technology.

Request a Live Demo

Astrocast Live Demo Series will continue through the following months. Any company interested in learning more about its network is welcome to request an appointment.