Astrocast at IoT for All Podcast: Satellite IoT and Climate Change

20 December 2022

IoT for All Podcast | How SatIoT Contributes to Climate Change Monitoring 

Satellite IoT and Climate Change 

IoT For All is the #1 IoT publication and resource dedicated to providing the most relevant and valuable content for the Internet of Things industry, a trusted voice for IoT where professionals, newcomers, and experts share their insights, knowledge, and experiences for the betterment of the ecosystem. With that aim, they launched the IoT For All Podcast, which is focused on bringing together experts from companies making IoT a driving force for the Digital Transformation Revolution. 

Fabien Jordan, the Founder and CEO of Astrocast, joined the podcast to discuss how Satellite IoT contributes to climate change monitoring, along with other use cases of SatIoT. Fabien also gives insights on the goal for nanosatellites orbiting Earth, challenges in the industry, and what the future holds for SatIoT. 

Listen to the podcast “How SatIoT Contributes to Climate Change Monitoring” to hear how SatIoT can connect any type of IoT sensor with low-cost and low-power anywhere around the globe: 

IoT for All Podcast: Satellite IoT and Climate Change 

Taking IoT further with Satellite IoT 

Astrocast operates a leading global nanosatellite IoT network, offering services in industries such as Agriculture & Livestock, Maritime, Environment & Utilities to name a few. The Astrocast network enables companies to monitor, track, and communicate with remote assets from anywhere in the world. It relies on superior L-band spectrum through a strategic alliance with Thuraya. In partnership with Airbus, CEA/LETI and ESA, Astrocast developed Astronode S, an ultra-low power and miniaturised module compatible with inexpensive L-band patch antennas. Founded in 2014 by a renowned team of experts, Astrocast develops and tests all its products in-house, from the satellites to the modules. Astrocast is listed on Euronext Growth Oslo.

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