Astrocast 2022: Year in Review

14 December 2022

6 min read


As we wrap up 2022, at Astrocast we look back on a year of key milestones accomplished that will make 2022 a year to remember for many reasons. Despite the global market context impacting our financial plans for a second IPO listing, the company has overcome this rough journey with steady growth and impressive achievements.   

We launched our Satellite IoT service commercially, our disruptive and affordable IoT solution is performing even better than expected, confirming the technical and commercial leadership of Astrocast in the NewSpace SatIoT industry. And proof of it is our extending portfolio of clients and technology IoT partners, including Soracom, Wyld Networks, ArrowSpot or Avirtech. 

We are also closer to completing our full satellite IoT constellation and extended satellite launch contracts with D-Orbit and Spaceflight. With 14 satellites successfully deployed, today Astrocast is one of the TOP 3 European commercial satellite operators by the number of satellites in  low Earth orbit!

And last but not least, we received industry recognition, we extended our customer portfolio and we welcomed new, key technology IoT partners to our network. Have a look at our year-in-review list to discover Astrocast’s top 10 highlights in 2022. 

We look forward to achieving new exciting milestones in 2023 with the continuous support from our world-class partners. Stay tuned next year and follow our journey as we keep taking IoT further!

Astrocast’s Cost-effective, Bidirectional Satellite IoT service launches commercially


In February, Astrocast launched its commercially available cost-effective, bidirectional satellite IoT (SatIoT) service, to connect IoT devices globally when outside of cell-based terrestrial networks at a comparable cost. Accessibility to Astrocast’s Satellite IoT service has since then transformed the business model for global IoT, opening the door to a raft of new, powerful applications that are accelerating change and delivering tangible value to businesses, individuals and the environment.

Astrocast provides Soracom customers access to global Satellite IoT connectivity

Astrocast and Soracom, a global provider of advanced IoT connectivity, announced a partnership to embed the Astrocast Satellite IoT (SatIoT) solution into the Soracom platform. This collaboration enables Soracom to offer integrators and end customers blended IoT connectivity options that comprise satellite and cellular connectivity. Since 85% of the globe has zero cellular coverage, Astrocast’s SatIoT solution will provide a key component to Soracom’s 20,000 plus customers across the world; with devices in areas where cellular coverage does not reach. Organisations can access Astrocast SatIoT by subscribing to the Soracom platform, taking advantage of the seamless, secure integration to a choice of cloud services.

Astrocast and Wyld Networks sign a multi-year contract

Astrocast and Wyld sign contract

Astrocast and Wyld, a Virtual Satellite Network Operator, announced the signature of a multi-year contract with an ambition to target a joint business of over 200 hundred million messages. Astrocast’s bidirectional Satellite IoT solution, utilising the L-Band spectrum, will compliment Wyld connect and extend Wyld’s capability to offer integrators and end customers blended IoT connectivity options across the globe. 

ArrowSpot signs multi-million-dollar deal with Astrocast


Astrocast and ArrowSpot signed a multi-million-dollar contract to start mass production of ArrowSpot’s ArrowTrack SAT device. The contract between Astrocast and ArrowSpot includes hardware integration and Satellite IoT (SatIoT) connectivity for an initial three-year period, which will enable global IoT asset tracking. ArrowSpot’s technology solutions provide the worldwide supply chain logistics industry with online information for safe & secure sensitive chilled cargo and high-value cargo.

Astrocast partners with Avirtech to enable data-driven smart farming in remote areas


Astrocast and Avirtech announced a partnership to enable data-driven smart farming with Satellite IoT technology for remote IoT-based agriculture. Avirtech is a leading provider of plantation control systems that monitor site conditions to reduce operational costs and increase yields. Its BIOTA intelligent farm control system benefits from Astrocast’s Satellite IoT connectivity solutions by integrating SatIoT technology into Avirtech’s Avirlink. This enables plantation owners to make legacy sensors smart by recording and controlling information remotely over long distances.

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The Astrocast Satellite IoT Network Grows to 14 Commercial Satellites in Space

On November 26th, Astrocast successfully launched four Astrocast 3U spacecraft aboard India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C54) mission with Spaceflight. This mission took place in Sriharikota, India’s Satish Dhawan Space Center, carrying the Astrocast spacecraft as a co-passenger to sun-synchronous orbit (SSO) along with the Indian national primary satellite. This launch means yet another milestone accomplished for the Astrocast nanosatellite IoT network, now consisting of a commercial constellation of 14 satellites in space, making Astrocast one of the TOP 40 satellite operators by the number of satellites in orbit.

Extended satellite launch multi-year contract with D-Orbit

D-Orbit, a space logistics company, and Astrocast announced the signing of a multiple launch and deployment contract. According to the agreement, D-Orbit will launch 20 of Astrocast’s satellites aboard ION Satellite Carrier, D-Orbit’s versatile and cost-effective orbital transfer vehicle (OTV) designed to precisely deploy satellites and perform technology demonstrations of third-party payloads in orbit. The satellites, which will join Astrocast’s constellation of satellites for the Internet of things (IoT), will be delivered to space over a period of three years, through multiple missions.

Astrocast Joins IMC to Spread Word of Bidirectional Satellite IoT


Astrocast joined the IoT M2M Council (IMC), the largest trade association serving the IoT sector, to educate industry about the effectiveness of next-gen, low earth-orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity. The IMC provides Astrocast with direct communications with 25,000 product makers (OEMs) and enterprise users that deploy IoT solutions, covering every vertical market and geographic region where IoT technology is deployed.

Astrocast joins the ‘Net Zero Space’ initiative set up by the Paris Peace Forum


Astrocast joined the ‘Net Zero Space’ initiative, set up by the Paris Peace Forum. Committed to the long-term sustainability of outer space, Astrocast joins satellite operators, launchers, space agencies and academics in the initiative, with a collective aim of achieving sustainable use of outer space for the benefit of all humankind by 2030.

Astrocast gets industry recognition


2022, Astrocast’s growth and innovation within the Satellite IoT space has received industry recognition from three different awards. Astrocast was nominated “IoT product of the year” at the Computing’s Technology Product Awards 2022 in August, which rewards the most significant Internet of Things development of the past 12 months that deserve industry-wide praise.

In December, we have been awarded “Most innovative IoT-Satellite Communications Company” by the World Finance Magazine’s Innovation Awards 2022, a renowned publication that honours excellence in a variety of different industries, with categories ranging from innovation, digital banking, sustainability, ESG and energy.

And to top off a fantastic year for Astrocast, the Astronode S has been recognised by Electronics For You’s “Truly Innovative Electronics” as “SATCOM Module For Battery-Powered IoT Systems”. The “Truly Innovative Electronics” is an initiative by tech journalists of Electronics For You magazine and, South Asia’s most popular electronics magazine.