Meet the Team

10-year experience in nanosats business. Fabien sets the vision and the strategy while bridging the Swiss and US sides of the company. And it's working.
Fabien Jordan
CEO / Founder

Satellite systems engineering is no mystery for Federico. He is Astrocast's mastermind, don't mess with him!
Federico Belloni
CTO / Founder

Former President of Sea Launch AG. Led its restructuring in 2010, participated in 39 launches with a total payload value in excess of $7billion. No kidding!
Kjell Karlsen

Nicholas is good with numbers and numbers are good with him.
Nicholas Petrig
Finance & Administration / Founder

Rock Star and Electronics genius, 20-year experience as consultant for the European Space Agency.
Julian Harris
Space Electronics / Founder

Laurent Vieira de Mello
Strategy & Planning

Bertil sees beyond the cloud. He can feel the data, sense the patterns and diagnose.
Bertil Chapuis
Applications & Services / Founder

Daniel Valerio

Obsessed with processes, Lisa is reorganizing the office and dynamizing our social networks.
Lisa Antoniadis
Executive Assistant

Scott is a great team builder and a leader. He lives in the Silicon Valais and when he grills raclette cheese, he puts everyone in agreement.
Scott Tavelli
Applications & Services

Self-controlled and passionate developer, Julien will look you in the eyes and give you the wisdom.
Julien Iseli
Applications & Services

Olivier Chollet

Stéphane orchestrates the wireless communications between the terminals and the nanosatellites. He hopes to obtain his RPL (Rocket Pilot License) soon.
Stéphane Davy
M2M Systems

Thanks to his practice of martial arts, Mathieu knows how stay calm in all circumstances, even when the compiler throws errors at him.
Mathieu Rodrigues
Embedded Software

Landed in Astrocast from Greece, Filomila is here for a lot of testing and hopefully to give away all the ancient secrets and knowledge on the stars...
Filomila Kafe

Mehrdad is the RF guy who looks for simple solutions to solve complex problems. “Dual-polarization quadrature phase shift keying” sounds fine to him.
Dr. Mehrdad Ghanad

Ester is friend with microwave engineering. When you cannot find her playing with circuits, you should take a look at the mountains. She might be hiking somewhere around!
Ester Perez Marcos
Radio-Frequency Hardware

Testing the communication is his mission when the wind is not good for kite surfing. Luckily, we're in Switzerland!
Samuel Verdon

Do you believe that everything can be programmed? Florian will show you how it’s done. He holds the joystick of the constellation.
Florian George
Flight & Ground Software

Jonathan traveled all over the world, the only space he has not yet explored is the ionosphere.
Jonathan Houmard

Some people have their brain well connected to their hands (and vice versa). Nicolas is one of them. He can juggle with nanosatellites.
Nicolas Steiner
Satellite Systems

Kevin finds his inspiration in origami. He also eats a lot of organic apples to maintain his higher-than-average cerebral activity.
Kevin Owen
Satellite Structure & Mechanisms

Not only does he know how to make real espresso, but he can also run the Ironman and control the Earth magnetic field... Cos'altro?
Stefano Rossi
Satellite ADCS

Nicolas Vaucher
Satellite Mechanisms

Yorick already launched probes to Mars and beyond… on his computer. If he isn't on his computer, you may find him painting in his lair.
Yorick Droz-dit-Busset

Are you looking for the best Flight Dynamics & Operations Engineer in the Galaxy? Too late, we got him…
Dr. Sergio De Florio
Flight Dynamics & Operations

Lola is independent. Yes... she is from Catalonia, and we love that. Benvinguda!
Lola Lopez

Sam has acquired a great set of skills in business and data analysis. But he also launched balloons, rockets, studied interstellar missions and somehow walked on the surface of Mars!
Sam Harrison
Product Manager

Janique crossed the US by bicycle and mastered the usage of bear spray. That’s all she needs to survive with a happy crowd of geeks.
Janique Jordan
Accounting & Secretariat

From coffee capsules to space capsules… Natasha is loving life and her trip across the universe!
Natasha Petrig
Administrative Assistant

Veronica is the queen of the scanner… She also secretly conducts all sorts of psychological experiments on the Astrocast team for her master of science in psychology.
Veronica Vasta

Happy co-founder of Astrocast, Jean-Michel actively supports the company at different levels. He is the former Head of R&D Services at Bobst SA.
Jean-Michel Jordan
Founder & Supporter

Ramon Miguel
Software Engineer

Meet the Directors

Former Deputy Director of CNES, José is now ambassador of ESA in Switzerland. Bright mind, amazing support.
Dr. José Achache

Chief Executive Officer
Fabien Jordan

Chief Technical Officer
Federico Belloni

Former President & COO of ITC Global, Roland is our SatCom Business Expert. Awesome to have him on-board!
Roland Loos

Successful Asset Manager, Yves brings exceptional investment skills to the board.
Yves Pillonel

Investment partner at Airbus Ventures, Anabelle has a unique expertise in both finance and legal sides.
Anabelle Oliveira

Meet the Advisors

Former SwissCube Project Manager, she exudes a NASA-inspired challenging spirit and a fantastic system-level vision.
Muriel Richard

Can you believe that Claude performed 4 spaceflights and 1 spacewalk as an Astronaut? This guy is a legend!
Prof. Claude Nicollier

Former Head of ITU External Affairs and Lawyer at the State Bar of California, Max is our spectrum strategist.
Dr. Max Henri Cadet

CEO of S-Partners, Hong-Kong. He competed in the European Formula Renault championship. Did you?
Laurent Stieger

Former SVP of Oracle Corporation, François is a great source of enthusiasm, conviction and he's got style.
François Stieger

Former JPL/NASA scientist, Anton is an Apple advocate. One day he will put an iPhone in orbit.
Dr. Anton Ivanov