World Satellite Business Week 2019

By Fatima Vigil | 25 April 2022

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30million end devices by 2024

The global market for satellite IoT will exceed 30 million end devices by 2024. Astrocast is in a good position with its low cost, yet robust, L-Band modules enabling it to capture a large share of this market”. Fabien Jordan at Euroconsult World Satellite Business Week Conference, on the panel “IoT Constellations: Emerging Business Models.”

Astrocast’s CEO Fabien Jordan was excited to participate in the panel “IoT Constellations: Emerging Business Models“. He shared his views along with Emma Park VP Europe at Sigfox, Mina Mitry CEO at Kepler Communication and David Haley CTO of Myriota.

Our CEO gave information about Astrocast’s business model. How the company plans to address the 90% of the Earth that is not covered by cellular networks. Along with how the company will enter the market.


of the Earth that is not covered by cellular networks

Some key aspects of our solution captured the attention of the attendees: 

  • The low-power consumption of our module thanks to our ASIC. allowing to built compact, low-cost end devices around our module as they can be powered by a small battery. 
  •  The bi-directional communication enabling customers to communicate back with their devices.
  • The use of L-Band frequency that enables the use of small antennas whilst ensuring reliable communication even in extreme weather conditions.


During the World Satellite Business week Astrocast continued consolidating itself as a leading nanosatellite IoT company.

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