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Evo GPS Collar, a tracking collar providing highly accurate livestock and heard control


Smart solution in livestock tracking

Digitanimal is an innovative company providing Information and Communication Technologies solutions to the livestock sector, emerging as a satellite of Sensowave to solve problems in the livestock production sector. The company validates its prototypes and develops Artificial Intelligence algorithms in its livestock farm, aiming to facilitate livestock farmers’ day-to-day operations and transform how people buy and consume food while raising social awareness about the origin of food. 

Tracker device providing accurate livestock and heard control

Evo GPS Collar

  • Dimensions: 104.14mm x 76.2mm x 48.30mm
  • Weight: 265 gr
  • Power supply: from 6 months to 2 years
  • Sensors: activity alerts, temperature alerts, alerts for exit / entrance to the enclosure, theft or loss alerts
  • Processor: higher GPS accuracy
  • Location: comfortable and stable position on the animal
  • Communication:
    • Astrocast Satellite IoT
    • GMS mobile network
    • LoRa network
    • NarrowBand IoT

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