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Ref 71 - Sales support specialist

Job context and purpose


Astrocast, in partnership with Airbus and Thuraya is building a network of leading-edge nanosatellites in Low Earth Orbit to provide cost-effective IoT services to the 90% of the world not covered by cellular systems.

Astrocast low cost terminals collect and transmit data from sensors or other customer assets and transmit them to our satellite network. The collected data is stored on the satellite and then forwarded to ground stations located around the globe. The ground stations forward the data to the cloud database, which is easily accessible to clients.

Astrocast’s mission is to track assets, monitor the environment, and save lives by building and operating the most advanced and sustainable satellite IoT network.


In order to consolidate the Sales Team, we are looking for a SALES SUPPORT SPECIALIST who will report directly to the VP Sales and thanks to the sales background will have the responsibility to manage the administrative duties and assisting the Sales Team in gaining and keeping customers. Main duties would include to research, generate and track sales leads, coordinate quotes with sales pack, maintain the proper equipment and/or literature for Sales and providing overall support to the Sales Team. Meet with sales employees to make new plans regarding sales or how to improve the job.


A day in the life of a Sales Support


  • Preparing, researching & compiling a daily list of sales leads, delegating leads to the sales department, and providing sales data and guides to the sales department.
  • Performing daily data entry tasks for leads & prospects, sales figures, metrics, and other relevant information using the CRM and other digital tools and maintaining an organized and accessible data base & filing system.
  • Coordinating with sales & marketing departments in planning and executing email & lead-gen campaigns
  • Reaching out to & responding to leads during pre-sales process
  • Liaising & coordinating with Sales department and Customer Success department
  • Managing customer accounts, following up with customers for administrative purposes, and providing troubleshooting assistance for orders, account statuses, and other problems.
  • Developing and monitoring performance indicators, managing sales tracking tools, and compiling reports.
  • Recording sales trends and liaising with account managers to develop effective sales strategies
  • Acknowledges customers by responding to emails, texts, and phone calls
  • Supports sales department in all administrative, marketing & sales activities, including filing reports or presenting sales team with necessary documents
  • Supports sales & marketing team and may be required to travel internationally when necessary to events, tradeshows or sales & marketing related activities
  • Answering customer inquiries, scheduling meetings, and sales appointments, and following up with customers about their order status.
  • Creating and processing orders in a timely manner, processing requests for rush orders, and reviewing pending orders and customer requests to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Managing customer accounts, following up with customers for administrative purposes, and providing troubleshooting assistance for orders, account statuses, and other problems.
  • Performing data entry tasks for sales figures, metrics, and other relevant information and maintaining an organized and accessible filing system.
  • Handling administrative duties for the company and its executives and management teams.
  • Scheduling customer meetings and conferences.
  • Reporting any unusual activity to your supervisors.
  • Makes sure that sales persons are on track with sales goals
  • Meets with other departments to make sure that sales people are doing their job correctly
  • Provides any necessary data or reports to the sales team
  • Exerts attention to detail, as customers may have the same problems; reports the problems as necessary


What will make you successful


  • A bachelor ‘s degree or associated degree in marketing, business or a related field.
  • Minimum 5-year prior experience in global business development, sales or marketing. preferably in international business environments and technological products & services
  • Strong knowledge of sales process and marketing & sales funnels in international environments required
  • Knowledge of international technology markets & strong business acumen required
  • Knowledge of Telecommunications systems and services is a plus
  • Knowledge of Satellite Communications Systems is a plus
  • Strong interpersonal and organizational & planning skills with ability to handle high volume office work; excellent team working, motivational personality, multitasking
  • Proactive, sales-focused individual with can-do attitude; including action oriented, focused urgency and driving for results
  • Highly Proficient with Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sharepoint) & enterprise CRMs
  • Open-minded, time oriented, positive attitude and strong attention to detail
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and presentation skills
  • High-Fluency in English required. French, German, Spanish and/or any other language is a plus
  • Ability to travel worldwide occasionally


What we offer


Astrocast supports equal opportunities employment.

Our values are important to us as they define Astrocast culture and represent what we believe in:

  • Agile – stay ahead of the game and be ready for the next challenge
  • Smart – be smart enough to set goals you can reach and navigate to get there
  • Team-oriented – share knowledge, trust your colleagues and be committed
  • Respectful – embrace diversity, new ideas and value differences
  • Open-minded – think outside the box, be open to change and learn from failures.

Astrocast offers flexible working time, team events, free fruits and great offices, in a dynamic, friendly, innovative and multi-cultural work environment.


  • Start Date: 1 November, 2021
  • Contract / mission duration: permanent position with 3 months trial period
  • Activity rate: from 80-100%
  • Location : Astrocast, Chavannes-près-Renens, Switzerland
  • Due to Swiss immigration regulations only European applications and Swiss work permit holders will be considered


Send your complete application including CV, cover letter and work certificates before 30 September 2021


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Technology | Astrocast – Taking IoT Further

Celia Gomez Jimenez astrocast_our-team_alexandre-pope-f astrocast_our-team_fatima-vigil-perez-f astrocast_our-team_nicholas-petrig-f
Our team

"Diversity is critical in tech, as it enables companies to create better and safer products for everyone. At Astrocast, I found a multicultural and gender diverse environment and I appreciate the most to see women participating in various positions throughout the company. I am proud to be part of the future, working as an engineer in the space field, which was considered mission impossible."

Celia Gomez Jimenez, Spacecraft Reliability Engineer
Our team

"Working at Astrocast has been an incredible journey so far, working alongside a highly talented engineering team to develop world-leading products that are set to create whole new industries is the favorite part of my role."

Sam Harrison, Head of Product Management (Acting)
Our team

"On a starry night, I look up and see a tiny shiny object flying through the dark sky amongst the stars and feel a wave of pride in our hard work!"

Natasha Petrig, Finance & Administration Manager
Our team

"Starting in April 2020 in the midst of a pandemic, it took several weeks to meet everyone in person. But since day one, I was already contributing and working well within the team. I attribute this to the Astrocast's culture of openness and friendliness, but also of getting things done."

Alexander Pope , Product Firmware Manager
Our team

"What I appreciate the most about working at Astrocast is the motivation with which the team works. We know that what we are doing is game-changing, and we are all happy to do our little part to make it happen."

Fatima Vigil, Head of Marketing
Our team

"When joining Astrocast, I knew that I would bring a lot to the company, but little did I know how much Astrocast would get to me. Working for such an innovative company allows its employees to scale up!"