Mon, Oct 15, 2018

Astrocast is a startup based in EPFL Innovation Park in Switzerland and building a network of leading-edge nanosatellites in Low Earth Orbit to provide cost-effective access to IoT (Internet of Things). Astrocast will offer a global coverage including remote areas on land, oceans and mountains. Astrocast terminals collect and transmit data from sensors or other customer assets. The data is collected by constellation of nanosatellites. The collected data is stored on the satellite and then forwarded to ground stations located around the globe. The ground stations forward the data to the cloud database, which is easily accessible to clients.

We are looking for a Senior Operator that will perform daily monitoring and commanding functions for the Astrocast satellite constellation. He/she will provide technical interface for operations and engineering staff and operate and manage the daily functions of the TT&C network. He/she shall operate all or part of the mission system, which may incorporate parts of the ground segment as well as the space segment, as specified for each mission. The position covers pre and post launch activities.

The candidate will be responsible for organizing and coordinating the work of the Astrocast constellation operators team and will report directly to the head of space operations.

The candidate for this position will be responsible for a team of controllers carrying on the following tasks:

  • Act as operators’ team technical lead for the assigned mission, in continuous coordination with the head of space operations;
  • Prepare training material and provide training to other members of the operations team;
  • Monitor data of all satellites and M2M infrastructure for proper operation, responding to satellite and network alarms (out of limits, status changes, control system configurations, battery charge state, attitude, etc.);
  • Operate multiple satellite ground systems and M2M infrastructure according to established procedures;
  • Execute commands on all satellites (scheduled and non-scheduled) and M2M infrastructure as warranted;
  • Maintain a record of all operational a activities in the daily log;
  • Conduct and assisting troubleshooting of Ground System problems;
  • Perform all functions of payload and housekeeping data management;
  • Direct activities of the TT&C Network;
  • Participate in daily shift briefings/debriefings;
  • Perform routine configuration and performance checks on specified software and processes;
  • Participate in all scheduled training sessions;
  • Support generation and maintenance of operational documentation;
  • Assist in configuring and testing the operational system to support the operations;
  • Test and validate all operational items Develop methods or tools to assist in the execution of the operations;
  • Define and execute activities as simulation campaigns, mission rehearsals, etc.;
  • Immediately inform the responsible personnel when an anomaly is detected, in accordance with the established procedures;
  • Take corrective action as necessary, applying the contingency/emergency procedures approved for the mission;
  • Participate in technical meetings, formal reviews, and scheduling and planning meetings;
  • Perform operational configuration management.

The successful candidate will have:

  • Technician degree or equivalent qualification and professional experience in space or telecommunication operations;
  • Demonstrated and consolidated experience preferably with more than 4 years in operating spacecraft and/or related ground systems;
  • Must be able to work in a multitasking work environment;
  • Must be able to work shifts in a 24x7 rotating shift environment including night shifts, weekends, and holidays;
  • Must be able to perform on-call duties;
  • Experience with using computer systems is required, and experience in data communication and/or ground station systems is an advantage;
  • Fluency in English, working knowledge of French;
  • Knowledge of Swiss employment law is an asset.

We are looking for a motivated and proactive team player, able to work autonomously, showing initiative and self-management skills when performing under time pressure.

Working conditions:

  • Start Date: February 2019
  • Contract / mission duration: Permanent position with 3-month trial period
  • Activity rate: full-time 100%

Astrocast supports equal opportunities employment.

Send your application (CV, work certificates and cover letter) before November 26th, 2018 to Lisa Antoniadis