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Astrocast at the Arianespace/Avio Vega Roadshow

Kjell Karlsen, Astrocast CFO participated in the Arianespace/Avio Vega Roadshow in San Francisco on July 12. The presentation was attended by companies such as Planet, Deep Space Industries, Spaceflight, Audacy, ScepterAir, Stellar Solutions and Space System Loral. There were many interesting topics presented including the development of the Vega Light, a small rocket specifically geared …

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Astrocast signs contract with GomSpace Sweden

GomSpace Sweden – a subsidiary of GomSpace Group AB, has received an order from Astrocast to deliver a propulsion system for each of the 10 nanosatellites composing the first orbital plane of the new Astrocast constellation. The value of this order is 450.000 EUR and delivery of the propulsion systems will be in Q4 2018 …

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