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“How start-up Astrocast is writing a new page to Swiss space history”

“Astrocast’s first satellite was launched from Elon Musk’s SpaceX, and now the Swiss start-up is developing a nanosatellite network for the Internet of Things”… (Read more)

“First Look At Some Cool Gadgets From CES Unveiled 2019”.

Astrocast has built nanosatellites to provide a global wireless network for connected devices (IoT)…(Read more)

Firm behind Sutherland spaceport to open base in Forres”

“Orbex has also been selected by Swiss company Astrocast SA to launch as many as 10 nanosatellites by 2023″…(Read more)

“La conquete de lespace sest privatisee et est devenue un marche economique convoite”

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“Les Vaudois en force à la grand-messe mondiale de l’électronique”

Onze start-un de l’EPFL et le Paléo sont pr?esents au plus grand sal?on technologique du monde qui se tient à Las Vegas… (Read more)

“Astrocast to launch nanosatellites from a European site”

Orbex, a UK-based spaceflight company, will launch as many as 10 Astrocast nanosatellites by 2023 in support of its global Internet of Things (IoT) network.

Astrocast is building a 64 CubeSat IoT network to deliver affordable data communication services to the world’s most remote areas. Designed specifically for IoT, Astrocast’s two-way system allows companies to monitor and control their remote assets, including over-the-air upgrades at lower latency… (Read more)

“Astrocast announces three partners to pilot its IoT nanosatellite network”

The three companies – Actia, Marine Instruments, and Swiss Fresh Water –… (Read more)

“Astrocast choisit une navette britannique pour lancer ses satellites”

Le premier opérateur satellitaire de Suisse a dévoilé ce jeudi un tout nouveau partenaire: la start-up britannique Orbex… (Read more)

“UK built rocket set for launch in 2021”

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“Nanosats at CES 2019: How Astrocast plans to provide IoT connectivity from space”

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“Internet of Things, 5G, and Cybersecurity Dominate CES 2019”

The IoT continues to evolve as we forge into 2019. Its promise of minimal latency may be one of the greatest forces … (Read more)

“CES 2019: Astrocast Starts Pilot Phase of IoT NanoSatellite Network”

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“Take a look at the world’s largest 3D-printed rocket engine”

Orbex is aiming to pull off its first launch from Scotland in 2021 and has signed up Switzerland’s Astrocast SA … (Read more)

“U.K. company sets a record for world’s largest 3D-printed rocket engine”

Orbex is planning for its first launch to take place in Scotland in 2021. It has recruited Switzerland’s Astrocast SA… (Read more)

“Orbex to launch Swiss nanosatellites from UK spaceport in Scotland”

Orbex has announced that Swiss-based Astrocast SA, has selected Orbex to launch as many as 10 nanosatellites…(Read more)

“British Rocketmaker Orbex Unveils Prototype of Small-Satellite Launcher”

Orbex announced it had signed launch contracts with SSTL and the Swiss startup Astrocast, which is developing… (Read more)

“Astrocast launches three new pilots of its nanosatellite network”

Astrocast, an advanced nanosatellite network provider for the Internet of Things (IoT), has reportedly announced that… (Read more)

“Pořiďte si vlastní satelitní službu za pár korun. Může hlídat třeba ryby”

Společnost Astrocast loni přišla s nápadem provozovat síť cubesatů a poskytovat zájemců své služby… (Read more)

D-Orbit to launch 10 Astrocast satellites on Vega rocket

Astrocast is a Swiss company developing a constellation of 64 CubeSats that will provide connectivity services for… (Read more)

“Rocket-making start-up Orbex unveils 3D-printed engine at its new Scottish facility”

Swiss-based start-up Astrocast, which is developing a constellation of 64 CubeSats for affordable data communication… (Read more)

CES day 4 was all about tech going new places

After the tractors, I spoke with Fabien Jordan, the CEO of Astrocast, a small satellite company… (Read More)


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“#CES2019 – Astrocast revises initial launch schedule, seeks IoT partners”

Last week at CES, satellite Internet of Things (IoT) company Astrocast made the rounds, conducting press briefings participating in the CES Unveiled… (Read More)

“Say hello to the world’s biggest 3D-printed rocket engine”

Astrocast to launch up to 20 nanosatellites for the development of a planet-wide Internet of Things (IoT) network… (Read more)

“Moteur-fusée imprimé en 3D, biopropane… : voici l’impressionnante fusée Orbex Prime”

Astrocast, son deuxième client, d’origine suisse. Ce dernier a confié à Orbex le soin de transporter 10 nanosatellites en 2023… (Read more)

“Показан самый большой ракетный двигатель, напечатанный на 3D-принтере”

Orbex также подписала контракт со швейцарской Astrocast SA на вывод десяти наноспутников для глобальной сети IoT в 2023 году… (Read more)

“Este foguetão foi impresso a 3D e é “o maior do mundo na sua categoria””

E se tudo correr bem, já garantiu um contrato com a empresa suíça Astrocast SA para transportar 10 nano-satélites em 2023, para suportar uma rede global de IoT… (Read more)

“UK Startup Shows Off World’s Largest 3D Printed Rocket Engine”

The company also partnered with Swiss satellite tech startup Astrocast to launch 64 nanosatellites to build a global Internet of Things network… (Read more)

“Najveći na svetu raketni motor izrađen tehnikom 3D štampe”

Astrocast SA kao kupca za lansiranje deset nanosetita 2023. godine kako bi izgradio globalnu IoT mrežu… (Read more)