A universe of applications awaits! Let’s find out how Astrocast can help your business.

Remote Monitoring

Astrocast network allows you to monitor your remote assets from anywhere at anytime, with a click of your mouse. Get near real time status updates no matter where your assets are located. Astrocast provides a remote communication solution that can be easily deployed and scaled-up rapidly without the need of any capital investment in terrestrial networks or traditional communication infrastructures. Our ultra low-cost data plan reduces your operational expenses and allows you to monitor new types of assets that wouldn’t be connected with traditional providers.

Geolocation Services

Astrocast network enables you to collect geolocation coordinates from any place on the planet and allows you to optimize and mitigate the risks in your global supply chain by tracking your assets globally. From a personal perspective, you can inform your loved ones of your location or alert search and rescue services in case of emergency regardless of your adventure. Our low cost and miniaturised solutions are not only suitable for tracking rare and endangered wildlife, it can also be used to manage livestock, understand herds’ behaviour or locate lost pets and cattle.

Predictive Maintenance

Astrocast network helps you monitor events and collect maintenance data. With this precious data, you can precisely schedule the maintenance at a point in time when the activity is cost-effective. As a result, you can take action before your equipment loses performance and therefore increase the productivity and the efficiency or your remote assets. You can significantly reduce both your maintenance costs and asset downtime. Knowing the current and past status of your assets can help you predict and forecast future events and mitigate the associated risks.

Intelligent Data

Astrocast network makes it possible to collect large amount of small data from your globally spread equipment. However, that’s not all, with our specific applications, it is possible to extract and analyse the intelligent data, and obtain almost immediate answers. The right analysis will help you uncover hidden patterns and correlations that you need to make the right decisions and take the right actions. Whether you are managing the lifecycle of your assets, customising your customer-centric services or simply providing auxiliary services, our tools are more efficient than traditional business intelligence solutions and will empower you in offering the best value to your customers.